How to Overcome Your Struggle With Anxiety From The Comfort Of Your Own Home In As Little As 10 Weeks
Your Life After Anxiety Is A Self-Directed Online Program Based On Principles from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) Proven Effective in over 100* Research Studies to Reduce Anxiety.  
What Does Your Life After Anxiety Mean?
What Is The Whole Idea Behind It?
For some individuals, trying to overcome anxiety can be...


For some of you it’s the fear of...

“What if I’m never able to control my anxious thoughts?”

And if I can’t control my mind...

“I’ll never be able to feel calm and enjoy my life.”

For some it might be the belief that...

“If I can’t control my anxiety, something must be really wrong with me.”

For others, it’s simply the notion that you’ve tried other approaches, therapies, coping strategies and they didn’t work and...

"How’s this one going to be any different?"

Our Goal

With YourLifeAfterAnxiety Is:

To help you overcome your unnecessary struggle with anxiety and help you begin living the life you’ve always wanted.

Did You Know?

Often When Other Approaches for Addressing Anxiety Don’t Achieve The Desired Results...... of the main reasons is an over-focus on attempting to “control” anxiety rather than addressing the underlying problem, not because individuals are “abnormal” or unable to “control” their thoughts or physical sensations.
The reality is, Anxiety is an EMOTION , not a PROBLEM to be solved.

Did You Also Know?

  • The more you try to “control” anxiety the less “control” you have in your life?
  • The more you identify with “having anxiety” the more anxious you feel?
  • ​The more you have to “get rid” of anxiety the more you’ve got it?
  • ​The more you try to avoid situations where you feel anxious the worse anxiety becomes?
Here’s The
You’ve Likely Tried Just About Everything From...
  • Avoiding People, Situations, or Activities Where You Feel Anxious
  • Trying Medications
  • Reading Self-help Books
  • Applying The Latest Coping Strategy You Heard On A Podcast
  • ​All With The Aim To Help You Control Anxiety
What If These Efforts Are Part Of The Problem?
If You Are Ready For An Alternative Approach To Your Struggle With Anxiety, Let Me Introduce You To:

A lot of people believe they have to learn to “control” their anxiety before getting on with the business of living and that they have to do it all by themselves. 

Life After Anxiety is designed to help shift your focus to your values instead of trying to control anxious thoughts, emotions, or physical sensations and reclaim your identity instead of labeling yourself as “having anxiety”. One way we do this is through the WAVE model you will learn through the 10 week self-directed video modules in YourLifeAfter Anxiety.

WAVE is like the compass you’ve been searching for to help you navigate anxiety. It helps you let go of the unwinnable battle of controlling thoughts, emotions, and physical sensations so you can focus on building the life you’ve always wanted.

What’s different about YourLifeAfterAnxiety from other approaches? YourLifeAfterAnxiety is an online self-directed approach based on a sound psychological treatment, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) proven effective in over 100 research trials to reduce anxiety all from the comfort of your own home.
I Became A Psychologist To HELP People....
The MOST common reason why individuals seek counseling is for anxiety.
Often the fear of having anxiety is one of the primary causes of anxiety which creates a never ending struggle to keep anxiety from getting worse.

Anxiety convinces us that we need to stay away from people, situations, and activities where we feel anxious. The more we avoid these experiences in order to feel calm and secure, the less we learn to manage uncomfortable thoughts, emotions, and physical sensations that are a normal part of life.

The very approach our mind recommends for us to feel safe is actually maintaining and increasing anxiety in your life! Our mind is so skilled at creating worst case scenario stories about anxiety that can make us feel trapped, desperate, and hopeless.

Here’s the good news... Although the experience of anxiety can be absolutely miserable, anxiety is one of the most responsive mental health conditions to treatment! 

Anxiety Is Not The Problem, Our Struggle With It Is The Problem!

Hi! I’m Dr. Cameron Staley
I’m a clinical psychologist and your guide through the YourLifeAfterAnxiety online program we’ve developed to help support your efforts to live a better life free from the unnecessary struggle with anxiety.
Why Did I Create YourLifeAfterAnxiety? 
My goal is to make a difference by offering evidence-based research, years of clinical experience, and access to valuable educational resources. 

This is what inspired me to create the online self-directed YourLifeAfterAnxiety (LAA) program to guide you on your journey to overcoming your struggle with anxiety as well as reach as many people as I could who are exhausted from attempting to “control” anxiety and losing control of their life.

To Be Clear...

☀️ The YourLifeAfterAnxiety program is NOT intended to be mental health therapy. Instead, I wanted to make the same principles I use with my clients available to others from the comfort of their own home. My hope is that these principles will be helpful to many in beginning their Life After Anxiety. 

☀️ Although the YourLifeAfterAnxiety (LAA) program is based on principles from an evidence-based treatment, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) for reducing anxiety, no research has been conducted specifically about the effectiveness of LAA as an online self-help approach for addressing anxiety. Although research does exist showing the general effectiveness of online approaches for addressing anxiety using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). 
☀️ I’m still a big believer in receiving mental health therapy and have witnessed over the years how helpful counseling can be. LAA is NOT intended to replace the potential benefits you would receive by working with a therapist in-person but instead provide you a framework to begin working on your own to effectively address your struggle with anxiety. As LAA is a self-help program and NOT mental health therapy, it is the responsibility of the individual participating in LAA to seek professional mental health help if needed. No professional relationship has been established between individuals who participate in LAA and any member affiliated with The Life After Series, LLC including Dr. Cameron Staley.

☀️ If you need additional help with mental health concerns before, during, or after engaging in LAA, please consider meeting with a licensed therapist in your area who can help you with your specific needs.
Imagine What YOUR LIFE
Would Be Like If You OVERCAME Your Anxiety
✔️ Sure, you’re going to be able to manage your anxiety in a more useful way, but you’re also going to have a greater capacity to engage in pursuits that improve your life!

✔️ Sure, you’ll spend less time struggling with anxiety, but you’re also going to have more time to create meaningful relationships!

✔️ Sure, you’re not going to be worrying as much about “controlling” your anxiety, but you’re also going to have a clearer vision for the life you want to live!

✔️ Sure, you’re going to be able to better recognize anxious thoughts, emotions, and physical sensations, but you’re also going to become empowered to know what to do with them!

In The



We're NOT Going To...

🚫 Blame You For Feeling Anxious 🚫
🚫 Scare You With The Myths Of Anxiety 🚫
🚫 Convince You That Anxiety Will Be a Lifelong Battle 🚫
🚫 Give You Even More Ineffective Strategies To Control Anxiety 🚫
🚫We're Not Going To Make You Feel Abnormal, Broken, Or Weak 🚫
When You Sign Up Today, You Get... 
The Entire YourLifeAfterAnxiety Online Program
Get Lifetime Access To The LAA Membership Site Where We Deliver All The Course Trainings And Materials You Need!
10 Weekly Self-Directed Modules, 50+ Lessons, Digital Workbook, On-Going Training, and Much More!
💻 Each week you’ll view a training module where we introduce you to principles designed to shift your mindset to an alternative approach to your struggle with anxiety that your mind has never considered before, which is one of the main reasons why you continue to feel that your anxiety is out of control. 

📖 The purpose of each module is to guide you through exercises and ideas that you can test out during the week in order to unlock your ability to learn from your own experiences about what is actually helping and what may actually be making your problem worse. 

🎧 You’ll learn the concepts and principles behind: mindfulness, the paradox of control, the relationship between stress and anxiety, willingness, the role of emotions, values, avoidance, and how all of this affects your choices and affects the life YOU choose to live.

🔑 Access to the LAA Membership site so you can continue your education and receive valuable updates from our team which means you don’t have to feel pressured to complete the program and you get continued, support on your quest to overcome anxiety. 
Once You Enroll In The YourLifeAfterAnxiety Program,  You’ll INSTANTLY Receive…
Access To The LAA Membership Site
The LAA program is fully accessible so you can access the program on any device, anywhere, anytime which means you can focus your efforts on your problem with complete discreteness. Engage in LAA from the comfort and privacy of your own home on your mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop.

LAA is based on sound, scientific, evidence-based research shown in clinical studies to reduce anxiety which means you’ll be able to pursue the life you want in a matter of weeks instead of years.
LAA Digital Companion Workbook
The Your Life After Anxiety Course Workbook is a 200+ page digital companion so you can engage, learn and apply the concepts and principles of WAVE. 

The LAA Digital Companion Workbook was designed specifically for this program. This workbook will assist you in your journey by recording your ideas, reflections, and progress.

LAA On The Go Audio Version
We’ve pre-loaded our entire course and supplemental materials into mp3 versions so you can revisit the amazing principles we deliver through our video trainings! All Meditations, Introductory Trainings, Frequently Asked Questions, and all video lessons in the 10 Modules are included. 
Exclusive LAA Meditation & Mindfulness Series
Full access to our Meditations Series. 9 Meditation video and audio exercises to help you begin learning the vital practice of mindfulness.

We care about you. And we hope you will have a wonderful experience with the LAA program. To help you get started, we are going to throw in some additional bonuses!

From Day One
The FREE Bonuses You’ll Receive Are…
Access To Advanced Willingness Strategies Workshop
Exclusive Video + eBook Training
If you are like most people I've counseled who struggle with anxiety, you've been taught to avoid, escape, distract, combat, or attempt to control anxious sensations. You may even view your lack of success in managing anxiety as being weak or disordered. What most people don't know is the opposite is likely more true.

This exclusive training was designed to effectively and significantly increase your willingness and teach you to respond to anxious sensations in a healthy manner. This online workshop is filled with ideas and practices to grow your WILLINGNESS around thoughts, emotions, and physical sensations.

Expert Insights On Each Module
We Bring You The Best Insights From The Experts
These unique conversations will further explore and build upon the concepts and principles you will learn throughout your journey in LAA. 

We'll dive into mindfulness, willingness, values, and many more strategies and principles you will find helpful in your journey to Your Life After Anxiety! 

If you haven’t enrolled in the Your Life After Anxiety program yet...

Take Advantage Of This Offer And Sign Up For The Course

➡️ I’m not asking commit years or even months to address your anxiety concerns. 

➡️ I believe with the right direction, you’ll see significant changes in your perspective and behavior in only 10 weeks! 

➡️ So if you haven’t yet, click on the button below to sign up.

In Order To Help As Many People As We Can, We're Offering ALL Of These Resources...

For Only $97

Get Started Today!
See you on the inside!
30 Day Money Back
Not Only Do We Guarantee This Unconditionally For 30 days, But If LAA...
  • Doesn’t guide you on learning exactly how to reduce your battle with anxiety
  • ​​Doesn’t help you to get a clear idea on how to RESPOND to your anxious thoughts and sensations in the next 10 weeks
  • Doesn’t GIVE you a plan to begin living the life you desire most...

 I Don’t Want Your Money! We’ll Give It All Back!

No Questions Asked. No Hard Feelings. No Guilt. No Shame.

Seriously, if LAA doesn’t help you, I’d rather you invest your time and money into something else that will. I recognize that there is no one solution that works for every person. The LAA program may not be successful with all individuals who participate. If LAA doesn’t work for you, find something else that will! 

Most Of What YOU Need...
is instruction, encouragement, and support. Start today and receive the guidance needed to begin overcoming anxiety. Wouldn’t you rather be focused on building relationships and the things that bring about true joy in your life that continuing to battle with anxiety?
Here’s A Recap Of


You'll Get

When You Enroll In The YourLifeAfterAnxiety!
  • ​Access To The LAA Program Membership Site
  • ​LAA Digital Companion Workbook (200+ Pages)
  • LAA On The Go Audio Version
  • ​Exclusive LAA Meditation & Mindfulness Series
  • ​BONUS: Advanced Willingness Strategies Workshop
  • BONUS: Expert Insights On Each Module
In Order To Help As Many People As We Can, We're Offering ALL Of These Resources....
All For Only $97
Still have Questions? Click on the About link at the top of the page to get answers to Frequently Asked Questions, view introductory LAA videos, preview a lesson from the LAA program, and more!
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